The Costs and Benefits of “Do It Yourself”


It is not a big revelation to notice that the widespread use of the internet has hugely changed the way all of us operate.  With easy access to information through the world wide web, we can readily learn new things and become quite self-sufficient in managing our lives.  As we evaluate how to allocate our resources – both time and funds – one of the things to be considered is whether or not we will engage in “do it yourself” or engage in hiring someone to assist us with important transactions.

In thinking about this basic question, I have come to conclude that the “do it yourself” approach is appropriate in many situations.  As I see it, if something ultimately does not have a serious impact on health, finances, or children, I will choose to undertake the research and do the work myself to accomplish what needs to be done. I will also frequently recommend that clients do the same. But in situations where the impact of an intervention or the lack of an intervention may involve long-lasting consequences, I approach the internet as a starting point to gather information and then engage expert assistance.

In my professional life, I have had the experience of guiding clients through difficult times when their families are in transition.  It is my job to know and understand and explain how the law might affect my clients and how a judge in the City or in any one of the counties where I practice – Howard,  Montgomery, Frederick, Anne Arundel, Baltimore or Prince George’s –  may view the case.  I have repeatedly observed how clients in the midst of emotional distress can lose perspective and hurt themselves by their inability to comprehend what is happening from various points of view.  It is my professional goal to listen actively to my clients and to offer them not only empathy but a realistic assessment of their legal situation.   While my clients and I do not always agree on every point, I work hard to provide my clients with options that they may not be able to see in the midst of this part of their journey.  While many believe that they can manage a “do it yourself” divorce, I am honored to have the opportunity to be a trusted advisor to accompany my clients through this process.