Maryland Child Support and Alimony Attorney

When a family reorganizes because of separation or divorce, finances frequently emerge as a primary issue. Whether a family enjoys a high income or is struggling, the formation of two new households from one previously established home can create a major challenge.

Understanding your rights and obligations for the support of your household – yourself, your spouse, and your children – is often a basic concern that requires immediate and careful attention. At Lifson Law, we work closely with you to help you navigate through this transition and to develop a sustainable plan for your future.

In matters of child support, in general, the law holds both fathers and mothers responsible for the financial support of their children until the children reach legal adulthood. For most, but not all people, child support is calculated according to a formula that is contained in the law. There may be, however, other considerations that apply when determining the appropriate amount of child support. At Lifson Law we will explain the nuances of the law of child support so that you can understand various approaches that may best suit you and your family.

In Maryland, alimony is a form of support that is available only to spouses. Consequently, although you may have been living together with your significant other for years, absent a marriage, a Maryland court is not empowered to grant you alimony. However, the mere existence of a marriage relationship does not mean that alimony will be automatically forthcoming – either by negotiation or by court order. At Lifson Law we help you evaluate the income and expenses of each spouse so that you can understand your options based on the needs of the recipient of alimony, the ability of the provider of alimony to pay, and the other factors courts are required to consider when fashioning an alimony award.