Columbia Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

Creating a prenuptial agreement may not sound romantic, and talking about finances can be an emotional topic for many couples. If a prospective spouse wishes to create a prenuptial agreement, it is important that such an agreement is enforceable by the court. A properly drafted premarital agreement should not only be enforceable, but if negotiated openly and with a generous spirit, such a document can also be the basis for a very sound, successful and lasting union.

At Lifson Law we advise clients about the practical aspects of preparing for marriage. For many people, prior to marriage, it is critical to consider the disposition of property in the event of divorce or death.
When creating prenuptial agreements, our focus is on bringing important financial issues and other concerns to the surface in advance of the marriage. This clarifies the expectations of both parties and enables each of them to proactively address and resolve areas of potential conflict.

Some examples of matters addressed in a prenuptial agreement include:

  • Inheritance for spouse and children
  • Property distribution at divorce
  • Financial support following separation and divorce

We take steps and offer guidance that will help create an appropriate and enforceable prenuptial agreement. With proper preparation, we at Lifson Law will help you create a document that meets your needs.