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Columbia Mediation Attorney

Comprehensive Mediation Services*

Not every couple is equipped, comfortable with, or prepared to go forward with a mediated divorce, but mediation often provides a faster and less expensive path toward dispute resolution than a contested court proceeding. A mediated settlement may often create better outcomes for both parties and more adequately address and fulfill everyone’s goals than can be achieved through litigation.

At the Columbia, Towson, Annapolis and Owings Mills, Law Offices of Cynthia M. Lifson, we are highly experienced in paths of negotiation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. We put that proven ability to work for clients across Central Maryland. We can either take on a neutral role in mediating a divorce between parties, or we can provide independent guidance and counsel for individuals involved in the mediation process.

Know your options and your opportunities. Contact our Maryland divorce mediation law firm by e-mail to set up a telephone consultation at a mutually convenient time to find out more about how we work with clients, or call us at 410.531.1619 to set up a free initial telephone consultation. We are ready to put experience and personal service to work for you.

Laurel Divorce and Mediation Lawyer: The Role of Mediation in Settling Your Case

In mediation, a neutral mediator does not represent either party in a divorce. She facilitates a conversation to help the parties create their own agreement. In mediation, both parties can hire independent counsel to advise them on how to prepare for mediation and to review any documents resulting from the mediation process. Alternatively, some people choose to go forward with mediation without engaging legal counsel.

Attorney Cynthia Lifson can play either role in helping you achieve a mediated settlement.

  • As an attorney, she can inform you of legal issues and give specific advice based on your situation to prepare you for your mediation. We can also accompany you to the mediation meeting. Whether you are only just beginning to consider mediation or you are already committed to the concept, we can make you aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of the mediation process.
  • As a highly experienced mediator, she takes on a neutral role to guide and facilitate clients through the mediation process. In this context, we cannot provide specific legal advice to our mediation clients, but we work to ensure that there is a fair setting where the parties can cooperate and build a sustainable agreement.

We have seen first-hand the benefits of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques such as mediation. It can be a cost-effective and fast path toward an agreement that, in many cases, provides a creative and satisfactory result for everyone involved.

Find Out More About Mediation

Contact our law firm online today via e-mail to set up a telephone consultation at a mutually convenient time to explore the options and benefits of a mediated divorce. You may also reach us by calling 410.531.1619.

*Cynthia Lifson receives frequent referrals from the Circuit Courts of Maryland to provide mediation services in family law and business disputes.