Our Divorce Philosophy

At Lifson Law, we have a well-established philosophy to guide our clients through the divorce process. Through persistence and thorough and respectful advocacy, we pursue your legal rights while taking into consideration your objectives. We help you take a practical approach to your case.

We also provide representation for clients in need of assistance when circumstances have significantly changed, and the court order entered at an earlier time may no longer be appropriate. We also assist in helping to enforce a court order that is not being followed.

What We can do in Your Divorce

At Lifson Law, we make sure that you can have confidence in working with a veteran of family law and that you also receive the counsel of someone who cares about you and your case. A divorce attorney can take on many roles in the divorce process, including:

  • Counselor: We help you look at and think about the realities of your situation. We help you make reasonable decisions and enhance  your access to information.
  • Negotiator: We can employ various negotiating approaches to address your needs. We can help you explore the options and opportunities available in a traditional legal format, through the collaboration law process, or in mediation.
  • Advocate: The protection of your interests is our mandate at all times. When you need someone you  can trust on your side, we will exceed your expectations.
  • Litigator: We advocate to protect your rights when pretrial settlement efforts do not result  in a satisfactory resolution.

We will be with you during this difficult time. We strive to help you achieve a manageable and hopeful future at the end of a difficult process.

Divorce if you are a Federal Worker, State Worker, or Military Personnel

There are special considerations associated with those who serve the public as federal or state workers or as military personnel. If you are employed by the government and are seeking divorce representation, it is important to consult with a family law attorney who is aware of how family law relates to members of the military and federal or state workers.

We also provide mediation services to allow for a possible resolution of your matter which may keep you out of court and save you money.