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A divorce can quickly become a drawn-out and expensive procedure. If a family law dispute goes to trial, important decisions are made by a judge who is not well acquainted with you or your family. We believe that you and your spouse are in a better position to make those decisions about your family. There is a divorce method that enables you to do that.

Collaborative law is an important and growing alternative to traditional divorce litigation. The parties and their attorneys, often with other professionals, work together toward a divorce settlement agreement to achieve an appropriate result. We are experienced in the collaborative law process. Contact us to learn more about this option.

A Collaborative Divorce

The goal of a collaborative divorce is to achieve a negotiated settlement in advance of a filing for an uncontested divorce. The parties hire lawyers for settlement purposes only. If the procedure fails and litigation is desired, the parties are required to hire new representation. Other professionals who may be involved include:

  • Coaches, trained mental health professionals who can be brought in to identify issues and facilitate interaction between the parties.
  • A financial specialist who may be used to evaluate each party’s financial situation and make recommendations concerning an appropriate financial plan for both spouses.
  • A child specialist who may be able to articulate the needs of the children and present the information to parents and others involved in the collaborative process.

The collaborative approach allows the parties to look at divorce as a form of reorganizing the family. Instead of facing each other as adversaries, the parties are looking in the same direction are and working together to reach a mutually acceptable and durable agreement which can minimize the negative consequences of the divorce.

If you have questions about the collaborative divorce process, contact our office via e-mail to set up a telephone consultation to speak with an attorney at a mutually convenient time. We offer a free initial phone consultation. Our office is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday – Friday. Other hours are available by appointment.