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Maryland Child Custody Attorney

Creating a sustainable and healthy plan for child custody and visitation often adds an even deeper level of complexity to an already challenging exercise. The practical and sustainable solutions that can work for you, the other parent and your children may be obscured by legal terminology until it is appropriately explained to you by an attorney.

A Reasonable Approach in Child Custody Matters

When we begin the discussion of what child custody option would work best for your family, we start by reviewing what you believe the needs and interests are of your children and what has and has not worked in your family in the past.

In developing a good plan for your children, you many need to consider:

  • The needs of your children
  • Current and previous arrangements to care for your children
  • Health, educational or religious concerns
  • Safety concerns
  • Appropriate scheduling arrangements for all family members
  • Communicating with your children to explain separation, divorce, and arrangements in the future

We understand that it can be hard to be objective when it comes to your children. In divorce and child custody cases, we help you address what’s important and take a reasonable and productive approach. We will fight for your parental rights when you need to be assertive, but we will place the greatest emphasis on helping you to achieve an agreement with the other parent of your child and in reducing conflict in the future.

At Lifson Law, we have not only represented moms and dads, but have received court appointments to represent children in highly contested custody cases. This experience enables our attorney to provide our clients with special insight in dealing with complex cases.